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Belair Traveling Set
Vital Meridian Essence

> Functions - It can soothe the body and mind, promote blood circulation and help recuperation of body functions.

> Characteristics - Wormwood is also called moxa grass. It is a perennial plant, of which the stern and leaves have a special fragrance. It is a custom for Chinese to hang a bunch of wormwood over the entrance of the house on Dragon Boat Festival. It is said that it can drive out the evil spirits and get rid of all illness. A famous doctor in Ching Dynasty once said, "Wormwood can go mildly through all the 12 meridians." One of the ingredients of Vital Meridian Essence is moxa. It also contains more than twenty herbal oils and can be applied on the different meridians of the whole body. If used together with a series of Chinese herbal essential oils, it can lead the oils to work more quickly into the meridians and multiply their potency, for health recuperation.

> Directions - The ancient experts in health maintenance once said, "Rub the feet frequently, wave the limbs frequently and massage the abdomen frequently." This really means to stimulate the meridians of the whole body. To apply "Vital Meridian Essence" in this process, the fine and smooth molecules of the plant essential oil will render for you a more enjoyable and comfortable massage.

> Vital Meridian: 100 ML (K74105) = 1,800 PV / CAD$90 / USD

Facial Massage Set

> Magnolia (F): 30 ML   (K74313) = 5,000 PV / CAD$250 / USD
> Rose              : 100 ML (K74314) = 2,200 PV / CAD$110 / USD
> Basilic           : 100 ML (K74315) = 2,200 PV / CAD$110 / USD
> Green Tea     : 100 ML (K74316) = 2,200 PV / CAD$110 / USD
> Facial             : 30 ML  (K74317) = 2,200 PV / CAD$110 / USD
> Massage Bar: (610085)

Bel'Air Genie

Germs Terminator, Environmental Guard - Eliminates germs, removes bad odor, get rid of insects, enhances feminie hygiene, purifies the air.

> Made from natural plant extracts, it is mild; contains no toxins and alcohol, does not irritate the skin and is non-flammable.
> Get rid of various germs and viruses with 99.999% effectiveness.
> 100% bio-degradable. Decomposes/mutates odour molecules via low surface tension and high permeability, hence eliminating stench.
> Prevents infections and eliminates odour and insects.
> It is the first in its category to receive the Singapore Green label Accreditation.

> Bel'Air Genie: 250 ML (K32002) = 680 PV / CAD$33

Bel'Air Baby Series
Experience a Natural Purity More Gentle Than Water - Baby Series contains no irritant; It is kinder on the skin than water.  Baby Series is made from nature's finest plant essential oils and through a special process that reduces the oil molecules to their smallest, this gives the quality of high permeability for deep cleansing and protection of a baby's delicate skin. Baby Series is truly the best companion for all who want smooth skin like a baby.

Functions: Possesses anti-fungal, anti-bacteria and cleansing properties; Prevents athlete's foot, ringworm, white-spots and skin infections; Counteracts body odour.

> Baby Shower Gel: 500 ML (K32008) = 1100 PV / CAD$55 / USD

Skin Care Zen Series

To explore the secret behind the radiance of Shaolin monks, a German scientist stayed at the temple for a period of time. Gradually, he reliased that his face exuded a natural glow even though he was not involved in the spiritual practice. It turned out that the plants used by the monks for their water and tea contain substances that held the very secret behind that glow of wisdom. This amazing discovery had subsequently been applied in the research and development of beauty products. The name 'Zen' has thus been used to symbolise the beauty of that encounter, that being the origins of Baco-Zen.

This original formula has been incorporated into the all-new Bel'Air Zen Series range of products (such as: Deep Removal Oil, Purifying Cleanser, Toning Moisturiser, Whitener, Exfoliator, Sun Block, De Panda-Eye Cream, Pentapeptide, The Wand, etc). The specially formulated fragrance, in all its elegance, emanates the restrained clarity of jasmine calyx and the gentle, lasting scene of sandalwood.

Comprehensive skincare starts with Bel'Air Zen Series. Besides its anti-aging and whitening effects, it can also make you radiate in a natural glow of wisdom.

> The Wand: 2.85 ML   (K32012) = 3,300 PV / CAD$165/ USD
> Deep Removal Oil       (K32013) = 1,500 PV / CAD$75/USD
> Purifying Cleanser      (K32014) = 980 PV / CAD$49/USD
> Toning Moisturiser    (K32015) = 980 PV / CAD$49/USD
> De Panda: 15 ML       (K32016) = 1,650 PV / CAD$83/USD
> Sun Block: 30 ML      (K32017) = 2,600 PV / CAD$130/USD
> Exfoliator: 50 ML       (K32018) = 3,300 PV / CAD$165/USD
> Whitener: 30 ML        (K32019) = 3,300 PV / CAD$165/USD
> Pentapeptide: 30 ML  (K32020) = 6,000 PV / CAD$300/USD
> AA Formula Lotion    (K32021) = 2,500 PV / CAD$125/USD
> Body Scrub                (K32023) = 1100 PV / CAD$55 /USD
> Bel'Air Angel              (K32024) = 290 PV / CAD$15 /USD
> Bel'Air Angel: 30 ML (K32025) = 580 PV / CAD$29 /USD

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